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Mistakes to avoid while playing a mega-game 

Mega-game is a large-scale game that combines various aspects such as role-playing (LARP), board games, etc. These games might contain certain elements of the war game, fantasy genres such as murder mystery, and role-playing depending on the storyline that is followed throughout the game. They are usually played with some 30-80  players. But did you know that it is more than likely that you are making some mega-game errors without even knowing? Following are the mistakes one can avoid while playing a mega-game. 

  • You are not playing free trials.

Playing a mega-game can be quite overwhelming in itself and playing for money can be more stressful and chances are you might end up draining your bank balance. That is why it is absolutely necessary that you first try out the games of your choice in the free trial mode. Most popular mega-game slots offer this mode to players.

  • You are not playing a variety of slots.

Its very important that you keep your options open and agree to playing any type of reel. You can play 3 reel video slots along with 5 reel video slots. Playing a variety of slots will also help you in understanding the game better and you might even be able to come up with tricks. It will also prevent you from being bored.

  • You are not playing consistently enough.

You will have to be consistent in playing the game if you want to become a pro at it. Since mega-game usually involves very extensive gameplay, getting well versed with all the rules will definitely take some time. So you should practice very frequently. This will also help you in devising strategies and hacks.

  • You are not activating all pay lines.

This is necessary for two reasons. One, the number of activated pay lines will eventually enhance your chances of winning significantly. Two, it is much easier to hit bonus games with the help of activated pay lines. In order to trigger a free spin, the symbols need to line up on an activated pay line.

Now if you’re a beginner then a pay line is a combination of symbols on the reels and when the winning combinations line up then you are rewarded. These pay lines can run in any particular direction, horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. The reason why we are emphasizing on activation of pay lines is that only active pay lines are paid when a winning combination is made.

  • You do not pay attention to the RTP.

In order to beat mega-game slots, you need to play slots that have a relatively high payout rate i.e. a higher RTP. The games that have a lower RTP are a sheer waste of a player’s time and money. Also, other than the payout rates don’t forget to pay attention to the games you pick. Choose the ones that have low volatility and offer high returns.

Rodrigo Hezekiah